5 Deck Shade Solutions

5 Deck Shade Solutions

Want to hang out on your outdoor deck or patio, but looking for relief from the heat? Below are five deck shade solutions to help provide coverage all season long.

Canopy Awning
Looking for semi-permanent shade? These fabric-roofed structures are attached to a freestanding frame that you bolt to your deck for year-round coverage.

Oversized Patio Umbrella
If you’re looking for a simple version of the canopy awning, try an oversized patio umbrella that will give shade, but need not be bolted down like the awning.

Shade Cloth
These durable strips of cloth can be strung from the corners of your deck to provide cooling coverage.

Retractable Awnings
Similar to shade cloths, these accordion-style awnings can be pulled in or out at your leisure.

Portable Shade Canopy
Also known as “easy ups,” these four-point square structures can be set up on the deck and removed when no longer needed.

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